Georgian_22ct_Portrait_miniature_ring Georgian_gold_ring Georgian_Porcelain_Portrait_Ring antique_georgian_cannetille_gold_Ring Georgian_22ct_gold_portrait_miniature_ring Georgian_gold_miniature_portrait_ring Georgian_Cannetille_Porcelain_Portrait_Ring Georgian_22ct_Portrait_miniature_jewellery

Oh boy. We absolutely love our Georgian pieces. Talk about wearing history... This absolutely gorgeous ring holds a hand-painted porcelain oval miniature of the sweetest young girl in a pink silk dress with lace and blue ribbons.

Who was she? Well…. imagine the scape of Pride and Prejudice, and we might get an idea. This ring is in incredible condition for its age, the portrait is framed in 22ct yellow gold crafted in gold cannetille, with ornate metal work following through around the shank of the ring. 

This ring is a sure candidate for a jewellery collection, as a heirloom and an incredible statement piece.


Circa: Early 1800
Design Period: Georgian
Material: 22ct Yellow Gold
Miniature: Hand painted Portrait of a Young Girl 
Measurement: 3.70 mm band 


Georgian Period (1714 - 1837):
Spanning more than 100 years, the Georgian period was named after the four Kings who resided on the throne of England during this time; King George I, King George II, King George III and King George IV.
In Georgian times, jewellery was considered a decadence only the rich were able to afford. Parures (sets of matching jewellery) were popular as were sentimental pieces such as miniature painted portraits, “lover’s eyes” (a pendant sized painting of a loved one’s eye) and memento mori rings. Rose Cut diamonds along with point-cuts, table cuts, old mine cuts and single cuts defined the look and style of the jewellery produced in this period. Gemstones had foil backs to enhance their hue and were set in high carat gold and silver.