The 'One of a Kind' Collection

We cater to the contemporary jewellery enthusiast as well as the committed antique collector. 
Our jewellery is only of the highest quality and in perfect condition when sold to you. We are so confident in the quality and workmanship of our pieces, that we offer a Lifetime Guarantee.

Our jewellery is ethically sourced worldwide. We stock additonal inventory, so please
Contact Us or book in a consultation, so we can help you find that one-of-a-kind, unique piece you are looking for.

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Rings - Irene Byrne & Co


Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Antique Earrings

Antique Earrings

Necklaces - Irene Byrne & Co


Antique Pendants - Irene Byrne & Co

Antique Pendants

The GUARANTEE that Stands Out

Every purchase with us comes with a LIFE TIME GUARANTEE.
Passing through five sets of highly experienced industry hands before being reaching our saleroom window to confirm that the jewellery you are purcahsing, is in the same condition as NEW.

Antique Bangles - Irene Byrne & Co

Antique Bangles & Bracelets


Antique Lockets

Antique Brooches - Irene Byrne & Co

Antique Brooches

Antique Silver - Irene Byrne & Co

Antique Silver

Antique Chains - Irene Byrne & Co

Antique Chains

Whitby Jet & Vulcanite - Irene Byrne & Co

Whitby Jet & Vulcanite

Authentic & Genuine Certification

We feel that valuing our own jewellery may be perceived as a conflict of interest, therefore our jewellery is not valued by us. We have our jewellery valued by highly experienced and reputable third parties.
We use two of the most highly regardded and recognised valuers in Australia to ceritify our diamonds and gemstones.
Using the latest equipment and sophisticated technology to provide us with the authentication
we need to pass on a geniune piece to our clients.

Our Commitment

Above all, we pride ourselves in always having happy clients. Please let us know if there is something we can do to make your experience an extra special one or give us a 'shout out' with any questions or concerns.

We always want you to be 100% happy with your purchase.