antique_Green_Tourmaline_Pearl_Pendant antique_Edwardian_Green_Tourmaline_Pearl_Pendant antique_Tourmaline_Pearl_Pendant Art_Nouveau_Green_Tourmaline_Pearl_Pendant antique_Art_Nouveau_Green_Tourmaline_Pearl_Pendant
What a spectacular Art Nouveau pendant we have here. True to the Edwardian era in design, we have 5 green tourmalines accompanied by natural pearls all set in a beautiful design of curves, arches and botanical inspirations in 9ct yellow gold. This piece can be worn as a pendant or a brooch

Circa: 1905
Design Period: Edwardian
Design Style: Art Nouveau
Gemstone: Green Tourmaline and Natural Pearls
Cut: Oval and Round
Measurements: Oval Tourmaline = 5.50 x 4.00 mm to 6.30 x 5.10 mm
Round Tourmaline = 3.00 mm
Material: 9ct Yellow Gold
Accompanied by an Ian Abeshouse Valuation 

Art Nouveau (1880 - 1910):
Beginning in France in the late 1800s, this was more of a movement than an era. It was an artistic protest against the industrial age which spread throughout Europe and the United States. The Art Nouveau Period saw a return to nature with intricately detailed pieces of jewellery being made in gold and silver with a wide range of coloured gemstones. The female form was made to look ethereal and enamelling techniques became very popular, being used in ways that had never been seen before.