antique_French_Diamond_Cross_Locket antique_Belle_Epoque_Rose_Gold_Diamond_Locket Antique_Belle_Epoque_French_Gold_Locket Antique_French_18ct_Rose_Gold_Diamond_Locket Antique_Rose_Gold_Diamond_Locket antique_Belle_Locket Belle_Epoque_Rose_Gold_Diamond_Locket
Here is a stunner. In near mint condition, this 19th century circa 1893 French hallmarked ‘reverse’ locket, is a true ode to the romanticism and beauty of the old world. Set in 18ct rose gold and on a very ornate and elaborate design, we have 5 old mine cut and 5 rose cut diamonds, set as a cross and accentuating the bale and base of the locket. Women's fashion in the 1890s had high necklines, so this locket was likely worn around the collar or high on the neck unless it was worn to social functions, where the dress décolletage was more revealing, and it may have been presented just below the collar bone. It makes you wonder where in France this piece has been, what parties it has attended and with what dresses was it worn with?

Circa: 1893
Origin: France
Design Period: Third Republic
Gemstone: Diamonds
Cut: Old Cut and Rose Cut
Carat: 0.70ct
Material: 18ct Rose Gold
Motif: Cross, Symbolic of ones faith
Accompanied by an Ian Abeshouse Valuation

French Third Republic:
In France, The Third Republic ruled from 1875 to 1940 after the fall of the Second Empire. During this time, new constitutional laws were adopted and a new parliamentary supremacy was established. During this time, the Belle Epoque otherwise known as "Beautiful Era" coincided across this time from 1871 to 1914 alongside England's Victorian period and America's Gilded Age. The Belle Epoque era depicted the 'modern' woman which  encouraged women to redefine their role as the traditional French housewife. Jewellery was feminine and was created to promote a sense of identity and independence.