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  • Typical in style of the 1920s, these dazzling natural pearl and diamond earrings will sparkle on your ears to everyones delight. Natural pearls which unlike their cultured pearl cousins, have organically formed in an oyster shell. This rare and beautiful formation has been created in the ocean and is a natural rarity. Paired with eighteen old European diamonds, these antique earrings are a standout. 

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  • Circa: 1920s
    Gemstones: Natural Pearls & Diamonds
    Cut: Old European Cut Diamonds 
    Weight & Colour: 18 Diamonds = 1.80ct G-K/SI-P1
    2 x 4.30 mm Natural Pearls
    Material: 18ct White Gold & 14ct Rose Gold
    Ian Abeshouse Valuation $8,900.00

  • The 1920s
    Gone were the empire gowns of the Edwardian Era and in came the shorter, more free flowing flapper dresses with their dropped waists and flirty intentions. As a result the jewellery changed to compliment the latest fashion trends. While old cut gems were still being used, yellow gold was being fazed out and white gold and platinum were taking over the jewellery industry creating long necklaces with tassels on the end (satouirs), line bracelets and elongated earrings to stand out against short cropped hair. Rings were perfectly symmetrical and often featured contrasting stones which really added to the whole new look of the “Jazz Age”.