Art_and_Crafts_Five_Stone_Opal_Silver_Necklace Art_and_Crafts_Opal_Silver_Necklace antique_Art_and_Crafts_Opal_Silver_Necklace antique_Art_and_Crafts_Opal_Necklace
We don’t see sapphires of this caliber too often. According to our buyer, it is the best sapphire he has come across so far in terms of colour, light play and clarity, with no sign of heat treatment. The centre oval cut Ceylon sapphire totalling 4.49ct, is set within a halo cluster of 10 semi-modern cut diamonds, totalling 2.00ct. The diamonds have been claw set on an angle, giving the illusion of pointed petals, totally complementing the elegance of this Ceylon sapphire. The fact that this ring is set in 18ct yellow gold just adds to its desirability. What a stunner! This ring is not for shy people.

Circa: 1920s
Design Period: Arts and Crafts
Gemstones: Opal Doublet
Measurements: 10.00 x 7.60 mm and 7.00 x 5.00 mm
Motif: Gum Lead Design
Material: Sterling Silver
Accompanied by and Ian Abeshouse Valuation

Art Nouveau (1880 - 1910):
Beginning in France in the late 1800s, this was more of a movement than an era. It was an artistic protest against the industrial age which spread throughout Europe and the United States. The Art Nouveau Period saw a return to nature with intricately detailed pieces of jewellery being made in gold and silver with a wide range of coloured gemstones. The female form was made to look ethereal and enamelling techniques became very popular, being used in ways that had never been seen before.