1950s_emerald_cut_38.00ct_aquamarine_ring 1950s_emerald_cut_aquamarine_ring Large_18ct_emerald_cut_aquamarine_ring vintage_emerald_cut_aquamarine_ring vintage_1950s_emerald_cut_aquamarine_ring 1950s_handmade_emerald_cut_aquamarine_ring Handmade_emerald_Cut_aquamarine_ring

This 38.00ct aquamarine cocktail ring is just simply glorious. A 1950s piece, the hunk of a gem stone is set in a ‘basket’ setting with four claws, very tastefully done, allowing the Aquamarine to be fully displayed. With a medium blue colour and very good clarity, you are sure to be the one with the sparkliest gem in the room.

Circa: 1950s
Gemstone: Aquamarine
Carat: 38.00ct
Cut: Emerald Cut
Colour: Medium Blue Colour
Clarity: Very Good Clarity
Material: 18ct Yellow Gold
Band: 2.30 to 1.50 mm Tapered Band
Handmade Setting
Ian Abeshouse Independant Valuation valued at $39,000.00

Mid 20th Century (1950 - 1970):
Through the 50s and 60s the hair was bigger, the dresses were bigger and the jewellery followed suit. Women wore more extravagant pieces than ever before and men opted for lots of gold. Cartier introduced jewellery depicting leopards and panthers and from then on each jewellery house did the same. Van Cleef & Arpels created bejewelled animals and flowers and Bulgari had its Serpentini line. Cocktail Rings were something a woman could simply not be seen without particularly in the US where a ‘Cocktail Party’ was the most stylish event you could be invited to.