Art Deco Style Sapphire Pendant
Art Deco Style Sapphire Pendant Art Deco Style Sapphire Pendant Art_Deco_Sapphire_diamond_Pendant

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  • Dazzle in this intricate white gold sapphire and diamond pendant in the style of the art deco era. This was one of the most influential styles repeatedly seen throughout modern designs today. The classic geometric lines and contrast in gemstone colours is a real tribute and homage to the era.

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  • Design Style: in the style of the Art Deco period
    Gemstones: 29 Ceylon Sapphires & 17 Diamonds
    Material: 9ct White Gold 

  • Art Deco Style:
    A modern piece in the style of the art deco period. This design style resulted in some of the most amazing and influential designs to ever have come out of the industry. Sharp, geometric designs with influence from countries such as Asia and Egypt as the primary source of inspiration. Bright contrasting gemstones such as jade, onyx, coral, sapphires, rubies and emeralds contrasted against diamonds and set in platinum or white gold as the primary choice of material.