Vintage Coral Chain Necklace
Vintage Coral Chain Necklace Vintage coral necklace

  • Specifications
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  • History
  • Circa: 1940s / 1950s
    Gemstone: Coral
    Size: 5 mm round
    Measurements: 51.50 cm length
    Material: 9ct Yellow Gold Chain
  • A delicate 1940/50s coral chain necklace. Each round coral bead measures 5mm in diameter and is positioned on a fine 9ct yellow gold chain. The very fine, feminine necklace is a typical representation of the 1940s period where androgyny was celebrated and delicate jewellery contrasted women's fashion.

  • The 1940s:
    During the 40s, women’s clothing became more masculine with structured shoulders and nipped waists, so their jewellery became more feminine. Large brooches set with colourful jewels made their way into the spotlight and larger, more layered necklaces adorned the necks of most women who frequented lavish soirees. Larger rings with more angular cut stones were also popular and often incorporated the stepped shoulder designs used during the Art Deco period that preceded it.