English_Engine_Turned_Gold_Locket Engine_Turned_Gold_Locket English_Gold_Locket Engine_Turned_Locket

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  • This English 1970s 9ct gold locket features a mystifying engine turned design. Engine turning is a metal decorating technique by which an intricate pattern is engraved or incised into a metal surface by a special lathe. Hallmarked London 1975 it measures 35 mm x 21 mm.

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  • Circa: 1970s
    Material: 9ct yellow gold
    Decorative Technique: Engine Turned
    Measurement: 35 mm x 21 mm
  • The 1970s:
    After the restrictive nature of the 50s and the free spirit vibe of the 60s, the 70s were all about being big and bold. Brightly coloured prints were splashed about in the fashion industry, while interior design was leaning heavily on Autumnal colour schemes. The Jewellery during this period featured large stone rings set in yellow gold and thick gold chains worn in layers. Animal bracelets by Jeweller David Webb were very popular as were beaded necklaces made in turquoise and lapis lazuli. The 70s refused to conform and looked to fashion and jewellery as a way to express ones self.