1960s_Norwegian_enamel_flower_brooch 1960s_enamel_brooch

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  • A 1960s Scandinavian sterling silver enamel brooch. Designed in the modernist style, the brooch features a naturalistic bouquet of leaves that are enhanced by pink and purple tinges of guilloché enamel. This brooch was designed as a piece of artwork, to be worn to capture the audiences attention and its surely a piece that will do just that.

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  • Circa: 1960s
    Design Style: Modernist
    Material: Sterling Silver and Enamel
    Measurements: 60.00 x 50.00 mm
    Origin: Norway

  • Modernist Jewellery (1960s):
    The modernists style began in the 1960s by rejecting styles that were popular in the past. The Victorians were seen as too decorative, the Art Nouveau style was deemed too fussy and Art Deco was considered too rigid. The modernists felt their style was more in common with artists, painters and sculptors with a goal to create a one-of-a-kind artwork that people could wear.

    In the United States, silver was being used along with copper and found objects. Semi-precious stones were used in surreal, geometric or biomorphic forms with influence drawn from African motifs and the cubist art movement. In Scandinavia, silversmiths took an interest in natural and primal forms with designers such as Georg Jensen hiring notable artists for the period such as Henning Koppel and Nanna Ditzel who paralleled the style of the modernist Americans.