1930s_engraved_silver_bangle antique_silver_bangle

  • Specifications
  • Description
  • History
  • Circa: 1930s
    Material: Sterling Silver
    Measurements: 44.30mm wide
    Hallmarked: Birmingham, 1933

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  • A 1930s engraved silver bangle. The hinged bangle is beautifully engraved with three panels of floral patterns separated by two lines of plain silver and opens on the side with a small latch. The rare extra wide bangle measures 44.30mm and is hallmarked: Birmingham, 1933.

  • The 1930s:
    This period saw a departure of the carefree flapper style of the 20s and a new decade began with the glamour that oozed out of Hollywood. The dress clip was the most popular piece of jewellery at the time, worn on the neckline and soon being designed in a double incorporating the symmetry featured so heavily in the designs of the Art Deco period. The slim line and fine details in rings and bracelets seen in the 20s were expanded on and bracelets became wider while rings became more elongated both horizontally and vertically on the fingers. Men wore Cartier’s bejewelled cufflinks and diamond studded brooches, which brought an air of glamour to their masculinity.