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Aquamarine: The March Birthstone

 Hello my lovely jewellery obsessed people,

As it is the first week of March, I thought I would kick off our blog posts by telling you about the birthstone for this month...


5.50ct Aquamarine ring

Our handmade 5.50ct Aquamarine ring with 2 diamonds set on either side in 18ct white gold.
In store now.

Let's start with a little history lesson shall we?

The name Aquamarine stems from the latin term Aqua Marina that translates to "sea water" in English, (which makes sense given the colour and clarity of the stone and the way it resembles the ocean.) However, its name isn't the only way it has a connection to the Sea. 

You see in Ancient times, Sailors believed that the stone could provide them with protection and had the power to prevent sickness, accidents and rough weather conditions. They would engrave their aquamarine amulets to depict Poseidon or Neptune, in the hope that it would please him and in return he would grant the sailors with a safe journey across the sea.

3.26ct Aquamarine

Our handmade 3.26ct Aquamarine with .50ct total of Diamonds surrounding it and on the shoulders.
In store now

Spiritually, Aquamarines are believed to be able to be able to reawaken love, rekindle friendships, lift ones spirit and ease anxiety and are used quite often in meditation to relax the senses.

Maybe I should buy one? 

They are also believed to bring happiness to a marriage which is quite fitting as they are the gem for the 19th wedding anniversary.

Annnd... that's me out. I couldn't catch a husband even if I had some flowers and a massive butterfly net! 

2.30ct Aquamarine set in 18ct yellow gold

A 2.30ct Aquamarine set in 18ct yellow gold. Made in London in 1990 by Boodle & Dunthorne.
In store now. 

Onto the facts...

Aquamarines have been mined mainly in Brazil for the last two hundred years and more recently in Pakistan. The ones from Brazil are deeper in colour while the gems from Pakistan are described as being "water clear". They are also found in Africa, Madagascar and Colorado in USA.

They register on the Mohs scale as 7.5 to 8. That means they are perfect for all you girls out there who are quite rough with your jewellery... Mum, I'm referring to you in particular. 

1.81ct Aquamarine ring

Our handmade 1.81ct Aquamarine ring with 0.25ct total of Diamonds on the shoulders set in 18ct White Gold.
In store now.

Aquamarines are part of the Beryl family. They range from dark slightly greenish blue to light slightly greenish blue and it goes without saying that the more intense the blue colour is the more valuable the stone is as long as it hasn't been heat treated.

Most faceted Aquamarines have no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Few may have a liquid inclusion however that is usually rare. The aquamarines with visible inclusions are cabochon cut, fashioned into beads or used for carving. 

5.90ct rectangular step cut Aquamarine ring

Our handmade 5.90ct rectangular step cut Aquamarine ring set in 18ct white gold.
On SALE and in store now.

And on that note, I will leave you as I think I have bombarded you with enough about Aquamarines this week. 

All of the rings featured in this weeks blog post are in store now and waiting to be loved. So come up to Leura and play with some of the jewels we have in store this weekend.

Oh and I just want to say that Leura really isn't that far from Sydney you know AND a secret not many people know about the Blue Mountains... There is NO TRAFFIC!!! It is literally heaven up here guys. 

XO Liv