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All You Need Is Love

I'm going to be honest with you all.

I have been trying to write a blog post about Jewellery from the Georgian Period for the last few weeks and it hasn't been working. At first I couldn't figure out why. I had done all the research, sourced all the references and even asked a few experts some questions, yet for some reason every time I sat down the words didn't flow like they usually do.

Then it hit me. Everyone who will read this is probably sitting at home worried. Worried about COVID19, worried about their jobs, about their finances, about keeping food on the table and a roof over their head and probably don't really care about jewellery from the Georgian Period.

So I thought to myself what does everyone need right now? (apart from a cash injection and a vaccine for corona virus..) all that came to mind was LOVE. Everyone needs love. Love gives us hope. It gives us courage and strength to do things we would usually find impossible and it can change the way we see things. 

That's why the post this week is about the love we have witnessed between the couples that over the last few years have allowed us to be apart of their most special moments, because in trying times I really believe that...

All you need is LOVE.

When I think of all the lovely couples who have come in store and have allowed us to be apart of their special moments in one way or another, the first couple that comes to my mind is always Amy & Anthony. 

You have never met two people more in love with one another than these two, let me tell you. 
The first time I met them, they had come up to the mountains on a day trip and were wondering around Leura with Anthony's sister and her partner. As they strolled through the arcade on their way to the Candy Store, something in our window caught Amy's eye.

"Oh my god babe! Look at that ring!" 

Anthony was immediately dragged over to our window which had all the big antique and vintage diamond rings in it. 

 "It's so beautiful. It's like my dream ring!" she exclaimed.

A not-so-quiet debate then begun, which clearly ended up in Amy's favour as Anthony was dragged into the shop and Amy asked me if she could try on the ring. 

As soon as she put it on her finger, her eyes started to glisten with tears. 

Edwardian Diamond Ring

"It's perfect" she said, "its like a fairytale ring. I feel like a princess."

It was in this moment when Amy was admiring the amazing Edwardian diamond encrusted extravaganza, that something in Anthony's eyes changed. Looking over her shoulder she called to the other couple waiting outside, to come in and see the ring on her finger. Both girls began gushing over it while the two guys stood to the side looking more bored than a couple of kids in a maths class. 

After about 10 mins of this, Anthony intervened and said;

"Babe. Not going to happen. Time to go."

With great reluctance, she gave me back the ring and followed the other 3 out the door. However having seen that look in Anthony's eyes when Amy first put the ring on, I was compelled to watch what happened next...

As Amy walked into the Candy Store followed closely by Anthony's sister, the guys stopped and hovered in the doorway for a split second before his friend nodded and went inside just as Anthony turned around and came back to our shop.

I'll give you three guesses as to what happened next.

"Can I put that on layby please?" He said. "I'll come back in a bit. I just need to make sure Amy is properly distracted before I sneak back so she won't suspect anything."

"I understand. I will put it aside for you." I told him.

"No. You have to put it back in the window cause when she walks out of the Candy store she will want to walk back this way just so she can see it again and if its not in the window she will know and you can't sell it to anyone else." he said, without stopping or taking a breath.

I smiled and nodded. Now this was a guy that clearly knew his girlfriend. 

"Don't worry." I told him. "I have done this before. I will leave it in the window and I promise I won't sell it to anyone."

"Thank you." He said. "I'll be back in a bit." He quickly left the shop and slipped into the Candy Store.

Unbeknownst to him though, was that all the while he was gone his girlfriend had been staring blankly at psychedelic coloured confections, dreaming of a particular ring that she thought she would never see again.

Over the next few months Anthony paid off the layby and we resized it to fit Amy who still hadn't forgotten about her dream ring. 

When Anthony came in to pick it up, I couldn't help myself and I had to ask... 

"So how are you going to propose?"

I always love asking people this question! They have one of two reactions. They either get really nervous because they start thinking of the moment they will ask their other half and then start stressing about what the response will be (which is so cute!) Or they get really excited because they start thinking of the moment they will ask their other half and then get excited about what the response will be (which is so cute!)

He looked at me and all I could see was the excitement. "I'm going to wait a few weeks, cause we are buying a house and I want to propose on the day it settles."

And you know what? That is exactly what happened...

It's almost a year later, we are making their wedding rings and when these two look at each other, well its like the whole world ceases to exist.


Amy & Anthony aren't the only couple we have had with a super cute story...


Chris and Elizabeth couldn't wait to get engaged, yet Elizabeth struggled to find the perfect engagement ring. Luckily, she saw when I posted a sneak preview of an Art Deco ring on our Instagram page and she messaged me straight away, as she knew she had found it. Chris brought her into the shop that weekend and as they say, the rest is history...


After an eventful hike up Mount Amos, Ben surprised his other half Nathalie, by getting down on one knee with a vintage solitaire diamond ring and asking her to spend the rest of her life wandering the world with him. No surprise she said yes! 


Dr. Julian collaborated with us over many months to design the perfect engagement ring for the love of his life, Anna. He wanted the perfect ring because he was going to present it to the most perfect girl. He proposed on a beautiful sunny day however, I don't think it was the ring that Anna was taken with. 


Emily and Brendan. What can I say about these two crazy kids? Emily had seen a ring she wanted in the shop and sent a photo to her boyfriend as a hint. A couple of weeks later he put the ring on lay-by and paid it off a lot quicker then Emily realised. I will never forget how they stopped by on a very busy Saturday and over the top of the crowd in the shop I saw Emily stick her hand up in the air and wave it around, the sparkle from the three diamonds in her 1920s engagement ring told me that Brendan had proposed. 


Kurt & Chloe or should I say Mr & Mrs Tippett. We designed and made the most beautiful Diamond Ring for Kurt to give to Chloe yet I think the bride definitely outshined the big rock on her finger the day she married the man she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life growing old with. 


Mitchel and Manuel, dare I say... The PERFECT couple? These two lovely guys asked us to make their antique style engraved wedding rings for their big day and we felt so honoured. Their wedding was a magical event filled with the love and happiness which they both truly deserved. 


Debbie & Anthony. Trust me when I say that the fireworks between these two shine brighter than the actual fireworks on their wedding day. Her Antique engagement ring matched her beautiful vintage inspired lace wedding dress tied together with the two gorgeous wedding rings we were so honoured to have made for them. 


With a proposal such as this, who could say no? However I'm pretty sure that Tayler had made her mind up about spending her life with the lovely Chris way before he got on one knee and presented her with one of our Antique Diamond Engagement Rings, but that didn't stop him from planning a proposal that put even Hollywood to shame!

It's not everyday you get to witness a proposal in store. So we were all beside ourselves the day Michael proposed to Deb with a gorgeous 1930s Emerald and Diamond Ring. A special ring for a special woman. Once he had purchased the ring, he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. It was so romantic!


Louie and Anita. Clients turned good friends. These two had a hard start to both their lives however the stars were shining the day a chance meeting saw them rekindle the crush they had on each other when they were in school together. A couple of years on, Anita tried on one of our Vintage Diamond rings which Louie quickly put on lay-by and before she knew it, Anita was to asked if she would spend the rest of her life with the man that she had loved since she was a little girl. *cue the tears. 


Jana and Adrian. Irene calls them two peas in a pod and she is sooo right. You would be hard pressed to find two people who were more destined to be together. When Adrian decided to ask Jana to marry him he planned a super romantic weekend away and was going to propose over a lovely dinner however his plans were thwarted after a discussion in the car on the way there over (yes you guessed it,) marriage ended up with Jana getting very angry. So he had no choice but to pull over and propose with our 1930s Diamond ring that he had in his pocket.


I hope you have enjoyed all the trip down memory lane with me and I hope I have taken your mind off the crazy times we are living in.

Just remember that when life gets hard, all you need is LOVE.

Xxx Liv